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Need a new key for your Ford F-150 Truck in Oshawa ? Duplicate key ?

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Brent, our locksmith in Durham Region was called out to a customer in Oshawa.  The customer had lost all keys for this Ford F-150. Brent was able to "pick" the lock with a Lishi tool.  This tool is used by trained and certified locksmiths to either "pick" a lock or help "decode" the cuts required to make a new key.  Ensure any locksmith working on your vehicle has been background checked and has provided a proper quote in advance of performing this work.  Once the cuts for the key have been determined, Brent was able to cut 2 new keys and then program them to the vehicle.  Programming means that the key is "talking to" the computer in vehicle.  This is like a phone "pairing" with a bluetooth device in your home.
Pop-A-Lock in Durham Region, servicing the cities of Whitby, Pickering, Ajax and Oshawa can provide service and parts for any make or model of vehicle.  If you are a CAA member, you are entitled to a variety of benefits for locksmith services.