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Oshawa locksmith cut and programs a spare key and lost remote for an SUV

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Our Pop-A-Lock team was on the scene to help a customer solve a customer needing a spare key and lost remote.  Everyone should have a "back-up" key for their vehicle.  You never know if you are rushing to a special occasion, getting the kids to school in the morning or an important business meeting and you have misplaced your keys.  It can happen to all of us.  Remotes and keys can get damaged too by dropping them or getting wet.  We hear about it everyday.  In this case, we worked on a 1998 Ford Expedition.  The usual practice of programming the key with our proprietary tools didn't work, so we "cloned" the key instead.  Additionally, the remote was programmed too.  This particular remote is a 3-button; lock, unlock and panic alarm.  Vehicles can have a variety of different options including remote starter or trunk release.  
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